Inspirational quotes

Mindfulness, Courtesy, and Kindness

Inspirational quote: On Forgiveness

Be the change you wish to see

Changing For The Better

Anything is Possible With the Right Effort

On Striving To “Become Zero”

Find and Express your “Music”

Staying Healthy To Be of Service


Amateur Philosopher’s Corner


Science and Consciousness

On Helpful Beliefs

We Have Free Will (But It Takes Willpower)


My Story

Staying Active Despite Arthritis And Two Hip Replacements

Rehabbing- again!

On Rehabbing…

Staying Active While Aging Despite Life’s Curveballs- Heart Valve Replacement- Part I

Collarbone Rehab Update

Staying Active While Aging Despite Life’s Curveballs- Heart Valve Replacement- Part II

Staying Active While Aging Despite Life’s Curveballs-Heart Valve Replacement, Part III

Collarbone rehab update – week 5

Collarbone Update, Canoe/Kayak “trainer”, and my experience with focusing on health not weight

Another Collarbone Update

Nice To Be Back- Coyote Creek Trail

Harvey Bear County Park

Coyote Valley Open Space

Santa Teresa County Park, with Almaden Meetup

Heavyhands walking on the “Minnie Path”

Update-Focusing on Health, Not Weight

A New Adventure Awaits- Rotator Cuff Surgery

Nice Ride With New Bike- Big Wheels!

Surgery Update 1

On Staying Positive While Rehabbing Multiple Times

Shoulder Rehab Update- 6 weeks Postop

Taking Health and Fitness Up Another Notch

Shoulder Rehab Update- Doing Well at 12 Weeks

Update on “Taking Health and Fitness Up Another Notch”

Toughest Ride in a While

Cruising on a Recumbent

Passed All My Cardiology Tests

Aortic Valve Replacement- Four Years Post-op


Other Inspirational Stories of Healthy Aging

My Healthy Aging Inspiration- Clarence Bass

An Inspiring Journey of Recovering From a Hip Fracture

One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

Still Moving- A lot- Despite Osteoarthritis and a Hip Replacement

Turning His Life Around, And Taking Hospitality To The Next Level- Miguel Moreno

the HAES® files: Recovering Abundantly in a One-Size-Fits-All World

Ride With Larry

Don’t Let Your Limitations Stop You

Guest Post- Irohein Is On A Mission

Relentless Spirit- The Missy Franklin Story

“The Push”

Never Too Late

Tripolar- an Amazing and Inspirational Recovery Story

Follow Up On Tim Davis, Author of Tripolar

Beyond Impossible- Mimi Anderson’s Story

Jessie Diggins- Brave Enough

Age Is Just a Number

On Healthspan and Lifespan, and Learning From Centenarians

Longevity Village

Ryan Hall: Transformation From Marathoner to Strength Trainer

Rich Roll- Finding Both Ultra and Plants

Some Healthy-Aging Role Models

What If You Can’t Bounce Back?

An Inspiring Paddling Book

Rehabbing From Trauma and Epilepsy to Become an Ultradistance Cyclist

Push Past Impossible

Two Canoe Adventures Across Canada

Ironman After Two Hip Replacements



Fitness Motivation- Why It’s Important

Fitness Motivation- Making It Enjoyable

Getting Started With Resistance Training

On Pacing: LISS and HIIT But Don’t MISS Too Much

Physical Activity and Weight Loss

Other Aspects of Fitness- The “Four Pillars” of Healthy Aging

Challenge Yourself (But Choose Your Challenge Wisely)

Motivation- Why Healthy Aging?

Monitoring Exercise Intensity

Balance Training

No Goals, No Glory

How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

Exercise Is Even More Important For Cardiovascular Patients

How Much Exercise Is Too Much? – Revisited

Fitness is More Important Than Age in Predicting Longevity


New Training Objective

Running on Air

Modern Medicine Helps, But Fitness Still Matters

Strength Training Boosts Endurance Performance

Faster Uphill Hiking

Take the “Strongpath” for Successful Aging

Shorter More Intense Training

Isometrics Revisited

A Nice Find- More on Heavyhands Pioneer Dr. Len Schwartz

Is Cardio Useless Or Harmful? Will It Make You Fat?

Time Efficient Multi-Set Strength Training For Fat Loss

Ryan Hall: Transformation From Marathoner to Strength Trainer

Bodybuilder to Ironman- Without Muscle “Wasting”

Age Is Just a Number

Cardio and The Heart: LISS vs. High Intensity Training

Flip The Youth Switch

Stair Climbing Test

Bodybuilder to Ironman- Without Muscle “Wasting”

Waist Size vs. BMI

Longevity Village, Part II- The Lessons

Don’t Be “Exercised” About Exercise

Be A Master Athlete, Not An Aging Athlete

Once A Week Strength Training Can Be Effective

Heart-Rate Accuracy Revisited

Exercise Is Medicine

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

Vibrating Platform

Healthy Gait For Healthy Aging, Part I

Gait For Healthy Aging, Part II: Understanding and Preventing How Gait Degrades With Aging

New Study- Health Dividend For High Intensity

More On “Use It Or Lose It”- And How to “Get It Back”

Isometric Training- Go For The “Shudder”

Keep Active, Even a Little, To Stave Off Disability

Single-sided Strength Training Improves Endurance Performance

Better To Work Out in Bad Air Than Not Work Out At All?

Single-sided Strength Training Improves Endurance Performance

We Lose Power With Age Because Our Muscles Get Weaker- Not Slower

Preparing Your Body For Your Favorite Activities

Making Your Training Program More Adversity-proof

Long Runs Train Your Heart, Sprints Train Your Muscles

No Ideal Weight For Exercise

Getting Improved Fitness and Health Benefits From Exercise

The Importance of Fascia in Our Bodies

Dynamic Aging Book

Connection Between Overtraining Symptom and Undereating

Healthy Weekend Warriors

“Funner is Faster”

Strength Training and Weight Loss

Update on Excessive Endurance Training

New Insight On Excessive Endurance Training and Health- The Role of Healthy Diet


Mental Fitness

Other Aspects of Fitness -Meditation

Taking Mindfulness More Seriously

Mental Training

Coping with Covid19 and “Lockdown”

Covid Coping: Enjoying Being With Your Shelter-mates

The Neuroplasticity Revolution- Willpower Can Change our Brains

Meditation Is More Than Stress Relief: The Transformational Path

Techniques For Self-Transformation

Neurons Are Sophisticated Microprocessors- and Quantum Devices

True Love

The Power of Belief

Calm Your “Default Mode”

Positive Mindset for Healthy Aging

Techniques For Self-Transformation: Inspirational Reading

Meditation- “Hot Tub For the Mind”

Training the Senses: Freedom From Compulsions

Meditation in Motion- While Not Going Anywhere

Benefits of Inspirational Reading

For Covid Coping, Spend More Time in Nature and Less Online

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

Mindfulness, Courtesy, and Kindness

Getting Started With Positive Change

The Healing Power of Nature

The Breath or a Mantra as Mindfulness Aids

Avoid The “Quick Fix” Mentality

Training To Tolerate Discomfort

Mindset Affects Aging

Happy By Default

Demystifying Awakening

The Silent Awareness Within

Transformation While Aging



Healthy Eating- The No-Junk Rules

My Eating Story

Mainstream Nutrition

Trying to Eat Healthier- Ways to Deal With Cravings

Psychological, Behavioral, and Environmental Aspects of Cravings

Nutrition From A Mechanical Engineer’s Perspective

Health Aspects of Various Ways of Eating, Including Alternatives to the “Mainstream”

Health Aspects of Controversial Plant Foods

Health Aspects of Animal Foods

Pre-Agricultural Nutrition

Diet and Fat Adaptation, For Everyday Life and And Athletic Performance

Evidence-based Nutrition Information: Dr Michael Greger

Baby Steps, Or Push Back On All Fronts?

“Plant-Based” and Unhealthy? – Tufts

A Site With Help for Meal Prepping

Protein Requirements May Be Higher Than Current Recommendations For Athletes and Older Adults

More On Protein

Getting Stricter about sugar

Appropriate For Starting Off The New Year- “How Not To Diet”

Nutrition and Prediabetes

Follow Up on Getting Stricter About Junk

Minor Tweaks For Health and Weight Loss

A Major Contributor to Obesity: Junk Food

Non-Scale Victories

Blood Pressure, Nitric Oxide, and Nutrition

Mastering Diabetes

Chef AJ- Control Your Weight By Staying Left of “The Red Line”

What I Eat and Why

Sharon Palmer, Plant-Based Dietician, And Her Book California Vegan

The Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet- A Subset of Mainstream Nutritional Guidelines

Fiber Fueled

Saving The Planet With Regenerative Agriculture

The Scientific Consensus On a Healthy Diet

Transitioning to Healthier Eating- Advice From a Mediocre Cook

Benefits of Time-restricted Eating

Time Restricted Eating: Science

A New Wrinkle on Overeating

Dr. Christine Rosenbloom’s New Blog


Fun Activities

Making Physical Activity Fun

Paddling and Rowing





Active Transportation

Pt Lobos With Friends

Hiking and Rock Scrambling in The Pinnacles

A Beautiful Hike On Mt. Umunhum, Plus a Setback

Shoulder Update- Canoeing and SUP Still OK, Kayaking is Borderline

A Nice 3 Hour Ride to The Southwest


A Tour of San Jose’s “Urban Reserve” and 3 County Parks

Local Dirt

Redwood Retreat and Mt Madonna Roads

Surpentine Trail to Rosendin Point

Coyote Creek Trail Northern End and Hellyer Park

Rural Treasures East of Gilroy

My First Hike After Shoulder Surgery!

Biking Outside Again!

Summertime, and the Spinning is Easy

Watching the Fog Burn Off

Saturday Ramble, Including Guadalupe River Trail

Riding With The Old Goats

Great Day Hiking at Wilder Ranch

A Fun 8 mile Hike At The Beautiful Bear Creek Preserve

Early Morning Walk, Strength Training, and Ride

A Bike Tour of the Morgan Hill Area in Fall

A Nice Hike at Castle Rock State Park

Fast Bike Ride Plus Five Mile Jaunt in Santa Teresa Park

Back to working on the upper bod

Checking Out The Scenery and Mining History on a Nice Day

A Beautiful Day at Rancho Canada Del Oro

The Old Guy Goes Mountain Biking!

Mt Umunhum- Back on the Horse

Home Stretch in Metric Century Training

Solo Metric Century While “Sheltering in Place”

Getting Started With Biking

The Midlife Cyclist

Life After Running

Challenges, Adventures, And Balanced Training



Feedspot- A Useful Source For Finding Fitness Related Sites

Suggested Reading- Inspiration

Tips For Those That Need a Hip Replacement

Tips For Those That Need a Heart Valve Replacement

Suggested Reading- Fitness

Put Health First, Not Weight Loss- Lessons From Body of Truth

Put Health First, Not Weight Loss- part 2: Scientific Evidence and Tips

Exercise and Statins

TAVR For Minimally-invasive Aortic Valve Replacement

250 Followers. Thanks!

“State Of Slim”: The Colorado Approach To Staying Healthy And Fit

Mental Benefits of Exercise

New Heart Valve Replacement Technology

The Gamechangers- Interesting Movie Exploding Myths About Plant-Based Eating

Keep Your Heart Healthy By Meeting “Life’s Simple 7” Goals

More Evidence on “Too Much of a Good Thing”: High Calcium Score OK for Endurance Athletes?

Coping with Covid19 and “Lockdown”

Vision Zero For Active Transportation

Active Transportation and “Curbing Traffic”

Update On Lifestyle Interventions for Heart Valve Disease

Our Marvelous Inner Ear Balance System (and its disorders)

The “Longevity Decathlon”

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity