Coyote Creek Trail Northern End and Hellyer Park

Another post from my Stayventures backlog, this one from June 9th.

I talked about one of my favorite places to ride, Coyote Creek trail, in a previous post. Today I went further north on it towards San Jose. Just past Metcalf road you encounter Coyote Lakes, a local fishing and waterskiing spot:

The long green tunnel, Western version. I’ve heard the Appalachian trail is nicknamed the long green tunnel because it is so heavily canopied with trees. There’s a couple mile section of Coyote creek trail that’s covered to make a tunnel also. Really nice on a hot day (like today):

A nice section with the creek babbling to the left. There is good fishing there. This is sandwiched between a large industrial park and US 101 but you wouldn’t know it, it feels like a trail in the wilderness:

Passing under 101. Big ole freeway, sure glad there’s an underpass:

Coyote creek trail goes through Hellyer county park on its way north. Cottonwood lake is one of the nice features. I didn’t get a good picture so here’s a stock one:

A little further north, still in Hellyer park, the trail goes right past Hellyer Velodrome,  built in 1963 for the Pan-Am games:

Metcalf park, on the way back. The trail right of way widens to make the meadow in the background, which flows nicely into this city park:

A 3 hour ride on a nice morning. Fortunately I got home before it got hot. We reached 95 F today (35 C).

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