Pt Lobos With Friends

Point Lobos is a beautiful rugged peninsula jutting out into the pacific just a few miles south of Carmel. It’s name is derived from the Spanish “Punta de los Lobos Marinos” or point of the sea wolves (the Spanish term for sea lions, which I like because they sure sound more like wolves than lions when they bark). It is aptly named as there are tons of sea lions to be seen as well as harbor seals, otters if you are lucky, a lot of varieties of birds (lots of cormorants), and exotic flora including wild succulents.

Here is the view towards Carmel and the Monterey peninsula on a sunny day:

I went here today with my meetup group, carpooling with my new friends Marian and Megan. Unfortunately we read the instructions wrong and went to the wrong parking lot so missed the main group, so it was just the 3 of us, but we still had a good time. It was foggy today and a bit cool but still beautiful.

It ended up being a mostly flat hike of a little over 4 miles, although we went down to a beach and back on some steep stairs.

Looking South, Big Sur is off to the left:

I would love to hear from any botanists who know what these flowers are.

Lots of Cormorants nesting. These are diving birds, I remember a video from Monterey Aquarium saying they can go down 45 meters. They will sometimes follow Otters down in case they drop anything. More on cormorants here.

I like these tunnels the sea has carved out. The houses in the distance are the lucky residents of Carmel Highlands.

A beautiful aquamarine inlet. There are harbor seals on the beach which you can see zoomed in:


A tidbit on harbor seals I learned from a naturalist: they will haul off on shore to rest, but never stray too far inland, so they can escape predators. A main predator they are instinctively avoiding is- grizzly bears! There haven’t been any in California for well over a hundred years but evolution is slow so the harbor seals have not gotten the memo yet.

The trail turns inland through a beautiful pine and cypress forest, leading us back to the entrance.

Then we had a nice picnic lunch back where we parked. Megan had a really cool app “relive” on our phone which put together this montage from her photos. I have to get that app. 🙂

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