Turning His Life Around, And Taking Hospitality To The Next Level- Miguel Moreno

I don’t just like stories about old geezers like me that are still shuffling along. I like reading about younger people making comebacks, too. The latest issue of Trail Running magazine (April, 2019) has the story of Miguel Moreno. He was involved with gangs as a teenager, and became an alcoholic as a young adult. After rehab at age 30, he discovered running, which soon grew into a passion for trail running.

That was inspiring enough. But the coolest part was that Miguel opens his home to any visiting trail runner, sometimes having up to a dozen crashing at his place in Phoenix, which he has dubbed “the Ultrahouse”. When you travel for adventure, like hiking or in this case trail running events, you can end up in a town you’ve never been to and you don’t know anyone. It can sure be nice to have someone like Miguel welcome you with open arms.

He learned hospitality from his Mom and Dad, who would welcome visitors from all over to their home. We’ve all heard the saying “Mi Casa es Su Casa”, but his Dad would add this: “Siéntate como si estuvistes en su propio familia” (sit as if you were with your own family).

When Miguel went down to Mexico to Copper Canyon to run the Caballo Blanco ultra, his hospitality was repaid when the Tarahumara took him in and treated him like family. This planted the seed to start Ultrahouse.

As is often the case with someone who freely gives like this, Miguel feels he has gotten much in return: “The stories I hear, the friendships I make, and connecting with other runners”.

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