A Nice 3 Hour Ride to The Southwest

It was a beautiful day today so I headed into the hills south and west of Morgan Hill. I took the bike path along Little Llagas creek and the drainage through an adjacent neighborhood on the way out of town:

Next I went south on Santa Teresa Boulevard towards Gilroy, then right on Day road for a beautiful ride into the hills:

Further up Day road is one of many wineries in southern Santa Clara county. We may not rival Napa valley but there is good wine from down here too:

Another one, right at the corner of Day and Watsonville roads:

South on Watsonville, some more vineyards, and the fog is creeping in over Hecker pass:

These shoulders aren’t super wide and some of the traffic is fast, but by and large the drivers are courteous, and it’s not too trafficky.

Further along is Chitactac-Adams Heritage park. It is a very nice setting with Uvas creek flowing through it, and has Native American artifacts including petroglyphs and grinding rocks:

I turned up Redwood Retreat road, a gorgeous ride that also leads to the back entrance of Mt Madonna County Park. But I decided to save it for another day:

Instead I did an out-and-back on Burchell road to see if the alpacas were out at their farm. Sometimes they’ll get curious and come check the humans out at the fence. No luck today. But on the way back I got another nice shot of the fog:

I passed lots more good scenery on the way home, but time was getting short and I didn’t take any more pictures. Decades ago when I was going to Stanford I used to commute home through beautiful roads in the foothills in Los Altos Hills. When we moved to the southern part of the County near Morgan Hill when we came back from Colorado, I was glad to find that there are equally nice places to ride down at this end. I never tire of them.

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