Heavyhands walking on the “Minnie Path”

I’m back to doing my “heavyhands” (brisk walking with hand weights) and nordic walking now that the collarbone permits it. This local path is a favorite. We call it the “Minnie path” because there used to be a beautiful cat Minnie that “held court” at the playground. If you sat on the bench she’d climb on your lap and stay there purring as long as you’d let her. Unfortunately her owners moved away and Minnie went with them. I hope she has as good of a setup wherever she lives now.

Anyway it’s a nice walk of about 1/2 mile the length of this path along the edge of the neighborhood behind where I live, and I like to go briskly with my weights or poles there. You get to meet a lot of friendly neighbors and their dogs.

Further up the street I go off the path into this little section of woods. This is great mindfulness training because you can twist an ankle in one of the ground squirrel holes if you don’t pay attention to your footing.

At the end of the street is this little farm where they raise goats. They come running up to the fence if your bring a treat like carrots. At first I thought they weren’t out today.

But then I saw them lying in the shade around the corner. They didn’t stay there for long! Fortunately I had some carrot sticks with me.

Looping back around from Minnie’s path I come home past this nice park, with El Toro in the distance. That makes a little loop a little over 3 miles . I can easily stretch it further to an hour long walk. Today I did it with the weights, I’m up to 4 lb. in each hand on these “cruising” walks, it feels great. This is a pleasant local loop for “easy day”.

But today I did it as “hard upper body day” so after a warmup I did my garage strength training routine. I’m not cleared to do overhead presses (upper arms can’t be above 90 degrees) because of the collarbone not being completely knitted. So I modified my routine, replacing the “middle deltoid” action of the overhead press with an upright row, and throwing in another exercise that works the triceps. Otherwise I can do all my strength workout pain free. Then I did some “heavyhands” walking, then did this loop with my nordic walking poles. A nice workout on a nice spring day πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Heavyhands walking on the “Minnie Path”

  1. Sounds like a lovely walk, meeting friends along the way. We also used to have a gorgeous British blue cat that greeted us during our walks, she also seems to have moved with her owners. We don’t have squirrel holes to watch out for but lots of native brush turkey mulch scratchings covering our footpaths. Great to share our walks with the native wildlife.


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