The Importance of Fascia in Our Bodies There is an interesting article about fascia in this month's issue of New Scientist (unfortunately there is a paywall, but you can get a free subscription for three months, which I highly recommend because there are lots of good articles in the magazine). These are connective tissues throughout our bodies, for example, all of … Continue reading The Importance of Fascia in Our Bodies

Exercise – all-natural treatment to fight depression

This is a very good summary.

Health Secrets of a SuperAger

One in 10 adults in the United States struggles with depression, and antidepressant medications are a common way to treat the condition. However, pills aren’t the only solution. Research shows that exercise is also an effective treatment. “For some people it works as well as antidepressants, although exercise alone isn’t enough for someone with severe depression,” says Dr. Michael Craig Miller, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

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The exercise effect

Exercising starts a biological cascade of events that results in many health benefits, such as protecting against heart disease and diabetes, improving sleep, and lowering blood pressure. High-intensity exercise releases the body’s feel-good chemicals called endorphins, resulting in the “runner’s high” that joggers report. But for most of us, the real value is in low-intensity exercise sustained over time. That kind of activity spurs the release of proteins called neurotrophic or growth factors…

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We Shouldn’t Take It Easy As We Age Humans are meant to keep active as we age, according to the "active grandparent" hypothesis put forth by evolutionary researchers [1]. We have a significantly longer lifespan than our close cousins the chimpanzees, who also happen to be considerably more sedentary. One of the study authors, Dr. Daniel Lieberman, observing chimpanzees in the wild … Continue reading We Shouldn’t Take It Easy As We Age

Some More Tiny Prosthetic Parts Installed Today

Last October I mentioned I'd had a urinary tract infection that took a stout round of antibiotics to kick. My urologist suspected benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition where the prostate is restricting the ureter, and was concerned this put me at risk for future UTIs. It's also kind of a nuisance because it often makes … Continue reading Some More Tiny Prosthetic Parts Installed Today