Latest Word – What should I eat before exercise? I found out about an interesting study on sports nutritionist Jeff Rothschild's blog. There is a lot of advice out there about training and breakfast, often contradictory. My take was that it was fine to do a long low intensity session before breakfast (also known as "train fasted"). But I thought it was a … Continue reading Latest Word – What should I eat before exercise?

When the Prescription is a Recipe?

This is a great post that talks about doctors using food as a cure. I especially liked hearing that Boston Medical Center has a rooftop farm!


“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” This famous quote is often attributed toHippocrates. But, asresearch byDiana Cardenas in2013shows, this quote can not be found anywhere in Hippocrates’ writings. Diana Cardenas discovered that the quote started to emerge from 1926 on and really started to get popular in the 1970s.

There are good reasons for the quote to go round, though. Hippocrates considered nutrition one of the main tools that a doctor can use. More than that, dietary measures play a lead part in the original oath of Hippocrates. I

But theoriginal Greekoath, literally translated, says: “I will apply dietetic and lifestyle measures to help the sick to my best ability and judgment; I will protect them from harm and injustice.”

The dietetic and lifestyle measures are just one word in Greek, διαιτήμασί (pronounce as “deaytimasy”). You may recognize the word “diet” in there…

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The Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet- A Subset of Mainstream Nutritional Guidelines

As I mentioned in the kick-off to my latest series on nutrition, I'm concentrating on what new things I've learned since I last concentrated on this area, and any ways my views have updated. One thing that has changed is that I would no longer categorize the whole-foods plant-based (WFPB) diet as an alternative to … Continue reading The Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet- A Subset of Mainstream Nutritional Guidelines

Healthy Eating and The Pleasure Trap

I just finished reading The Pleasure Trap by Drs. Doug Lisle and Alan Goldhamer. This is a fascinating book about factors that affect our eating behavior and the health effects of our diets, both psychological, neurological, biological, environmental, and evolutionary. The authors explain complex topics well, and sprinkle in fascinating examples and historical references to … Continue reading Healthy Eating and The Pleasure Trap

More On “Use It Or Lose It”- And How to “Get It Back”

There was a great article in Alex Hutchinson's "sweat science" blog about maintaining sprint speed as we age. It was mostly geared towards running, but applies to other activities like hiking, biking, swimming, etc. , as well. This is one of the physical qualities that declines fastest in older adults. Even those who are sedentary … Continue reading More On “Use It Or Lose It”- And How to “Get It Back”