A Bike Tour of the Morgan Hill Area in Fall

Northern California doesn’t have as spectacular of a fall season as back east, no hillsides ablaze, but it’s still pretty nice, and it lingers into November. We have nice sidewalk trees, some rural trees like oaks and bigleaf maples, and aspens up in the Sierras. And it’s nice when the vineyards change, too. I checked it our (except for the aspens) on a recent bike ride.

Sidewalk trees in my neighborhood:

Our in-town Guglielmo Vineyards, a couple of miles from my house:

This was passing a holiday fair going on at the historic Machado school, as you head up into the hills:

Some of the trees near Oak Glen Avenue:

Part of Sycamore Creek Vineyards, off Watsonville Road:

Some Bigleaf Maples mixed in with the Redwoods on Croy Road, a little ways up from where we lived for 24 years.

Color in Sveadal, the Swedish-American community near the end of Croy road. They were our neighbors up the road when we lived on Croy:

This was a nice ride of about 2 1/2 hours on a nice fall day. The trees are starting to drop their leaves so I’m glad I got it in.

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