The Gamechangers- Interesting Movie Exploding Myths About Plant-Based Eating

I saw this interesting and entertaining movie in a special showing recently. Unfortunately that is now the only way it is available. You can find out if it’s playing by you, and get tickets, at the Gamechangers website. The website says it will be out in DVD soon. There is also a lot of useful information about plant-based eating on the website.

Our host during the movie is James Wilks, a martial artist who trains special forces personnel and is also an MMA fighter. He is also a down-to-earth and likeable guy and I enjoyed having him as host. The central theme of the movie is that James was rehabbing from a severe injury and had time on his hands because he couldn’t train (a situation I can relate to, at a less elite level). So he did a lot of research on factors affecting rehab and recovery, and found there was a lot of evidence that plant-based eating aids in recovery. But he was skeptical about it at first, because of a lot of preconceptions  (where are you going to get your protein, you’ll be weak without meat, etc). So he traveled around interviewing elite athletes who are vegan, which forms the core of the movie. He refers to these as some of the world’s strongest, fastest, and toughest athletes. He also talks to experts on athletics, nutrition, and anthropology.

James Wilks

I won’t go into two much detail about what he finds to avoid spoiling the movie. But the plant-based athletes he talk to include: arguably the greatest ultramarathoner of all time, Australia’s national champion 400 meter sprinter, the oldest person to win an Olympic medal in team pursuit track cycling, the world record holder for carrying a weighted yoke (1200 lbs!), the only American to qualify for Olympic weightlifting in Rio.

Plant-based Sprinting
Training for the yoke carry
A 60+ year old trainer of people much younger than him- who can’t keep up with him

All of this is shown in a very entertaining way. Aside from dispelling misconceptions, the movie makes the point that plant-based eating, is good for athletic performance as well as for our health and that of the planet. But it does it in an enjoyable non-preachy manner.

As discussed previously, “plant-based nutrition” this does not necessarily mean vegan, just that we could all benefit by bumping up consumption of plant-based foods, and cutting back on (not necessarily eliminating) meat and dairy. In a previous post I noted has been referred to as “reduceitarian“. I personally lean more towards the plant end of the spectrum, because I think what evidence there is suggests it would be best for the longevity of my replacement heart valve.

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