A Beautiful Day at Rancho Canada Del Oro

My meetup group and I went to this nice local open space for a hike. I think it literally translates as “ravine of gold”, I don’t know where that name came from. But the scenery was sure golden. I led this hike so was a little nervous because I hadn’t been there in a while and didn’t want to get us lost. But the Alltrails app helped a lot so it went without a hitch. Rancho Canada Del Oro backs into both Calero and Rancho San Vincente County Parks so you can hike all day out here if you want.

Here is a panorama of the East Bay hills (aka the Diablo range) with Calero lake in the foreground. Note the snow, a rarity in this area, A recent rainstorm was relatively cold so the snow line came down to about a 1000 feet. This is a couple of days later so the lower snow had melted:

View of Mt Umunhum to the west, with a little snow:

The Santa Clara valley and its southern extension (Coyote Valley) were still foggy:

Miscellaneous local plants- mushrooms, Madrone tree, and I don’t know what the plant with the pretty pink buds is:

This was 1167 feet of climbing and 6.4 miles. A very enjoyable hike with a nice group.

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