Santa Teresa County Park, with Almaden Meetup

Santa Teresa Park in South San Jose is 10.8 miles north of my house (says google) so I rode my e-bike there to meet with friends from my Almaden Meetup on a nice spring morning.

Loking out on South San Jose from near the start. Downtown is off in the distance to the left.

Some nice single track through the oaks:

Looking south towards Coyote valley (the greenbelt between San Jose and Morgan Hill). Morgan Hill is to the right a few miles further south. Santa Teresa golf course is visible at the bottom.

Here is a nice panorama of the Santa Teresa foothills. IBM research is a little out of sight to the left. They would normally not have been allowed to build up in the open space, but a donation of 150 acres to the park was graciously accepted in exchange. Plus they paid for a new road up to the parking lot. A win-win.

This was a pleasant 90 minute romp with friends on a beautiful morning. Afterwards I did my intervals on the way home on the bike. It ended up being the longest and hardest workout I’ve done since my collarbone mishap so my legs are now a bit sore, but they’ll be fine after an easy day tomorrow. On the way home I had a funny incident on the bike. I guy in a pickup shouted out his window “Hey! you’re crusing at more then 20!”. I said “I have an electric motor, I’m cheating!” so he laughed c0rdially and took off.

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