Solo Metric Century While "Sheltering in Place"

As I’m sure has happened in many places, our County Public Health Department has urged “sheltering in place” beginning March 17. In response my cycling club has cancelled all rides until April 7th, at which point we’ll reassess. That meant my ride on Tuesday was cancelled, which is what I had planned to turn into a metric century. So I decided to go for the 100K solo instead. It was a beautiful day, a break from all our recent rain. Here is the route, mostly South and east of Morgan Hill, but I threw in some northern riding on the Coyote creek trail also:

Early morning view of El Toro from the south:

Some beautiful ranchland off Roop road:

I rode Roop road up to the Coyote Lake entrance to Harvey Bear park. Here’s the view of Coyote lake from Coyote lake road. There’s usually a lot of camping in this park but it was almost empty.

“Sheltering in place” can make you get cabin fever. Getting out in nature is a great antidote!

7 thoughts on “Solo Metric Century While "Sheltering in Place"

  1. Great looking ride. Yeah, my club has postponed the start of the season because the group that oversees and more importantly insures the club won’t allow group rides yet. It is still pretty cold, but I want to at least look forward to riding this year… I may have to go out solo. I am just a bit weary because I am not a great bike mechanic.

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