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I got this idea from Sam’s blog Living! What a great idea! If you have a story that you think might appeal to my readers, add it here. And feel free to leave a link back to your own blog. Just leave a reply below. Welcome!

22 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself

  1. Just found your blog and have discovered that we have a lot in common, but thankfully not the heart issue. I am a bit younger but had to replace both of my hips as well. I am extremely thankful that I am still able to pursue my passion of backpacking but I am also conscious of how old age will eventually change that. My blog is about Life’s Adventure.

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  2. Hi Greg, we do indeed have a lot in common. I hope you are avidly pursuing backpacking for MANY years to come. I have just started reading your blog and especially loved the post A New Path and am looking forward to reading your kindle book of the same name.


  3. Hello. I am Eric Hein. I am 16 years old, but I am in the works of creating a website to help motivate people with genetic disorders by selling sports apparel. I have a genetic disorder as well, haemochromatosis. I would love to help you by writing a guest post for you about what I have, and how I maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is the website I was talking about, it’s still in the works – (the password is ironreadystore to get into the website) ((It will be active this Sunday, April 14th)). (((Check out the about us page for more information about me)))

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    1. Hi Eric, welcome! I would be honored if you wanted to write a guest post. I noticed somewhere along the line I had lost my contact info from this blog so I just added it back in. If you hit “contact us” on the menu at the top, then send me a post as an attachment to an email, I’ll put it in.
      I took a sneak preview of your website and it looks like it will be a nice contribution. I am looking forward to when it is active. I hope you sell a lot of your inspirational iron fist tank tops. Check out his website to see what I’m talking about, folks.


  4. Hey Rick, I saw you on Anthony’s blog and you gave this welcome page so I’m saying hi.

    I have a blog mostly about cycling but also other attempts to be healthier despite my own challenges. Nothing quite as severe as yours although they do slow me down significantly.

    (Please keep it anonymous if you do any commenting.)


      1. Cool, I appreciate it, yours as well. Gaining readers (not just followers) seems to be the challenge. As for making money, that’s seems even less.likely. so you have to have a reason to do it die yourself. Like for me writing practice for my book. What is yours?

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      2. My reason is I enjoy it- sharing what I learn about healthy eating and staying active for healthy aging. Whatever small way I can provide motivation in this area is also satisfying.


  5. Hello From the Great State of Massachusetts. Thanks to Anthony, whose blog led me here.

    Posting from the SouthCoast of Massachusetts just off Cape Cod. From my window, I can look across Buzzards Bay to Falmouth, Ma.

    This is mostly about and related to bicycle riding, but not exclusively. Make yourself comfortable and look around. Comments are always appreciated.


  6. Since I’m approaching older age + am working hard to keep myself in good shape, I find this to be a fascinating blog! Also, I’m very impressed with how well you’ve done after valve surgery. As someone who has worked as an EKG Monitor Tech in a Coronary ICU for years, I know that valve surgery is not an easy thing to go through.

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  7. Hi Rich and everyone,
    hope you’re all doing great!

    My name is Andreas (36y, also a mechanical engineer) and I just started a blog about meal prep, that also features topics like nutrition, diet, habits, cooking, exercise (mainly weight training) and related. is an online resource that provides information for everyone who wants to use or already uses meal prep as a tool to reach their health and fitness goals.
    I have over a decade of experience in weight lifting and dieting + cooking and would love to share what I learned over the years.

    Thanks for having me and best wishes from Germany,


  8. I can across this blog by accident. (True North site) I love the idea of a “Bionc Old Guy”! Just turned 64 and Hiked the Four Pass Loop with my two Grown sons.. Thats 4 Passes over 12500 feet.It was amazing but inspires me to see just how good of an Athlete I can be at this age. Just started following Chef AJ. Cheers you all in 2022. ! 🍾

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