Nice To Be Back- Coyote Creek Trail

Once I was cleared to ride again my first serious ride was my beloved Coyote Creek. And I got a great day for it, a break after the rainy period we’ve been through (no complaints, Mother Nature, I’m glad for the rain after all our recent drought years).

Near the start of the trail at the Morgan Hill end, is a nice panorama of the Santa Cruz Mountaints. The big one straight ahead is Loma Prieta.

Coyote Creek trail is a beautiful “linear park” for pedestrians, bikes, and there are unpaved parallel trails for horseback riding. It goes almost 20 miles from Morgan Hill to where it ends up in San Jose. It gets pretty rural in the greenbelt between the two cities, then runs through urban areas in San Jose. But even there it is a nice oasis in the city.

It takes me about 10 minutes to get to the trail, so today I went for about an hour ride, with the middle 40 minutes out and back on the trail.

A Wild turkey ran accross the trail not far in front of me. Sometimes there are dozens of them.

“California Bluebonnets” (lupine), not as pretty as the Texas version maybe, but still nice.
Here are poppies, our state flower:

Sure is nice this time of year with everything green.

One of various lakes on the route next to the creek.

I’ll be back soon only I’ll go a lot farther next time!

11 thoughts on “Nice To Be Back- Coyote Creek Trail

  1. Looks like a lovely trail. Wild turkeys, wow. Any snakes? Glad you are back on your bike now. I love my bike and my husband and I have had a break from ours because of other training priorities. My husband been training for a 14km run The Run For the Kids in Melbourne which goes over the Bolte Bridge here in Melbourne. It’s one of his favourite runs. Louise

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  2. There are sometimes rattlesnakes in the summer but they’re usually off to the side and don’t bother you on the trail. I just looked up the Bolte Bridge, it’s beautiful.


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