Still Moving- A lot- Despite Osteoarthritis and a Hip Replacement

Yvette chronicles her journey in “Expedition out the backdoor“. Among other things, she went on foot from Shropshire, England to Knoydart in Scotland (“sleeping rough” along the way) despite chronic osteoarthritis.

Her ostoearthritis progressed to necrosis of the hip, and led to a total hip replacement. She and her family have since moved to an island off the West coast of Scotland in the Inner Hebrides, an inspiring adventure all his own. In her words “Having my hip ‘done’ has given me a new and literal ‘spring in my step’, proven that I can now happily walk 16 miles across rough, rock strewn islands carrying a large rucksack and not feel it – just like the old days.”

For enjoyable and inspiring reading, check out her ongoing adventures.

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