Surpentine Trail to Rosendin Point

I wrote this about a week before my surgery, during my “stayventures” period.

This is a favorite local bike-hike of mine. The last mishap I had, along with tearing my rotator cuff, also strained my achilles, so I’ve been babying it for a few weeks with no hiking. It was nice to be able to ease back into hiking. Surpentine Trail runs from Anderson dam county park to the top of the dam. Then you can ride across the dam to some nice trails above it with views of Anderson lake. This is a good view of Anderson dam on my way out:

This dam recently underwent a seismic retrofit, but during the project further testing revealed it is still at risk for seismic collapse. So it will be drained, taken down completely, and rebuilt starting in 2020 and taking about 3 years. So I’d better enjoy this hike while I can. The dam has a max capacity of 91,300 acre feet (112,600,000 m3), but currently can only be filled about 2/3 capacity to minimize seismic risk. That caused a problem in 2017 when we had severe rainfall. In order to keep the water level from getting dangerously high, water had to be quickly released into Coyote Creek. This temporarily overflowed and closed US 101. That was resolved by punching some holes in a levee to give the water somewhere else to go. But further downstream in San Jose there was unfortunately substantial flooding in some neighborhoods.

This is the side entrance to Anderson dam park. Some nice unpaved trail leads to the start of Surpentine trail:

Nearing the junction with Surpentine:

Heading up to the dam:

On the road over the dam, looking out on Morgan Hill:

On the trail above the dam that goes up to Rosendin point. Here’s a nice view of the lake:

Rosendin point. Moses Rosendin emigrated to the US from Mexico in the early 20th century and served in the US Navy in World War I. He later founded Rosendin electric company which is still in business. His children donated a 116 acre parcel to the county park in his memory, as commerated in this plaque. There is also a nice view of the northern end of Morgan Hill and the start of Coyote Valley, with foothills and the Santa Cruz mountains in the background:

From this spot, you can go about a km on trails then hit Holiday drive, which goes through Holiday lake estates, a nice development above Anderson lake, then I could loop home on roads. Today I had less time so just headed back down to the dam on the way home. Another view of the lake on the way back:

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