Collarbone rehab update – week 5

The wall crawl: crawling up the wall my fingers to open up angle on shoulder

My Collarbone is doing a lot better. Almost no pain, and I’ve got a lot of the range of motion back in my right shoulder. I have been doing my PT exercises diligently, and the “wall crawl” to get more shoulder motion is no longer needed as I can get to 180 degrees. I stopped wearing the sling about a week ago, but I’ve been doing my “Napoleon” imitation with the hand stuck in my shirt or jacket.

Napoleon imitation

Today I saw my doc for a followup and he said just let the arm swing free now, as long as there’s no pain. Great- that will make walking more natural. He wants me to stay away from lifting heavy weights with that side, but I’m cleared for low weights high reps. The only remaining limitation is not biking for another 3 weeks till a followup xray shows the bone completely knitted. I think it’s really biking is ok, crashing is not, but with my history of clumsiness, the Doc wants to be a bit conservative. Hard to blame him.

So, 3 weeks more of lots of walking in my future, with light weights thrown in on the right side. I can get by with that. Yesterday I walked for two hours in my little town with lots of hills thrown in.

This little mountain “El Toro” is our local landmark, seen here from our library’s parking lot on main street. There are several steep streets going partway up its side to get a good workout on.
A rarity this close to the coast in Norhtern California- snow off in the distance on the top of Mt Hamilton, which means the snow line is below 4000 feet (Mt Hamiton is 4,265 feet or 1300 m). Snow came down as low as 1000 feet last week, which only happens when we get a rain storm together with a cold front.

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