Fast Bike Ride Plus Five Mile Jaunt in Santa Teresa Park

There was a break in between rainstorms and we got a partly sunny day for a hike in Santa Teresa County park in San Jose. with my meetup group. I like going to that park because I can get there in a little under 30 minutes on my bike if I use heavy electric assist, so combined with the hike it makes for a good workout.

A member Madhuri who I had not met before brought her kids with her. It was fun having them along as they were enthusiastic and full of energy.

One of the beautiful old oaks in the park:

This is the view of blossom valley, part of South San Jose, behind us. There are more houses than blossoms these days, but in the past this would have been mostly fruit orchards which is where it got it’s name:

On the way back I did some longer intervals on my bike. Yes, you can do intervals with electric assist, you just do them faster. 🙂 I need a challenge that will get me to work on speed, so I’ve decided to do the Bay Area Senior Games time trial again this year, which I haven’t done since 2016 when my heart valve started acting up. That’s coming up in May and will give me a few months to get the training in.

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