Mt Umunhum- Back on the Horse

I tore my rotator cuff falling on the trail down from Mt Umunhum last May and haven’t been back since. When my meetup group announced they were going to climb it again I decided it was time to get “back on the Horse”, plus I really like this hike. I had trail running shoes with good tread on them this time instead of the bald ones from last time, but I was extra careful on the downhill anyway. We had a great day for it. This is the view of the summit from the first overlook you reach on the way up.

Here’s me and my friends at that overlook:

And here we are at the top. There’s still some fog not yet burned off in the valley, otherwise it was clear.

It took about an hour and 45 minutes to hike the approximately 4 miles up, and not much less to work our way back down. I envied the runners who flew by us on the way down, thinking “back in my day…” I used to be able to run down hiils in less that half the time it took to hike up them. Now I just have to be patient and enjoy the scenery and the company. It was very nice to pass the spot where I had fallen safely. It’s still hard to imagine a freak fall severe enough to tear my rotator cuff.

One guy was running laps of the summit. We saw him running down to the parking lot, grab something out of his car, and then turn around and head back up. When we were heading up he passed us on the way down. When we were heading back down he passed us on his way back up again, so that’s at least 3 laps. Impressive. I assume he was training for some event with a lot of vertical.

Another of my friend Annie’s mushroom pictures:

5 thoughts on “Mt Umunhum- Back on the Horse

  1. Immersing oneself in nature has healing power for the mind and body. I, too, have two total hip replacements, four-level cervical fusion, two-level lumbar fusion and have torn rotator cuff’s and biceps tendon’s. I missed a month of work last September and was out on FMLA due to intractable foramen nerve pain at the bottom of my cervical fusion. Fear of that level of pain keeps me from being as active as I should be. I overcame it for my teenage granddaughter last weekend when she came to stay with us. Her mother said she had been feeling blue, so grandpa and I took her for a walk in the woods following the deer trails, which was somewhat of an adventure! We had a couple mishaps along the way which made the trek all the more memorable and bonding. When my granddaughter got home, my daughter called us and said she has not seen her so happy in quite some time. We were all invigorated. Plus it’s a great way to make memories with the ones you love.


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