Summertime, and the Spinning is Easy

Two days ago was my longest ride of the week so yesterday I did an easier ride. For recovery I like to do easy spinning at high cadence. I went out and back on Santa Teresa Boulevard, the “bicycle highway” between Morgan Hill and San Jose. On the way out I felt really strong, but something told me I had a tailwind and would be fighting the wind on the way back so I should allow extra time to get home. This was confirmed on the way back. I found out later the wind was from SSW. 8 mph gusting to 16. Sure felt more like 16. It was pretty much right in my face on the way home, as illustrated by the flags:

It was still a nice easy spin on the way back, just in a lot lower gear and a lot slower! The wind made the sky really clear. You can also see a touch of fog to the south which is keeping us cool, a welcome relief from the heat we had last week.

I felt great after this ride. For me “active recovery” seems to work better than resting the day after a harder effort.

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