Early Morning Walk, Strength Training, and Ride

I got up early this morning and did strength training in my garage. I followed that with some pole walking and walking with hand weights in my neighborhood, with some 30 sec intervals thrown in. I finished up with a long ride on the Coyote Creek bike trail to Hellyer park and back.

Nearing sunrise over the eastern hills, taken across local elementary school yard

A nice thing about the days getting shorter is I don’t have to get up super early to see the sunrise.

A great morning to be out on my favorite bike trail. Someone obviously agrees with me:

Part of the Santa Cruz mountains in the morning light. Loma Prieta on the left, Mt. Umunhum to the right:

Two toms displaying. Sorry that my phone camera didn’t do them justice. I should have brought my digital camera with optical zoom. There was not a single female turkey around, at least that I could see. Good luck, fellas:

Some or my fellow old coots at Cottonwood lake in Hellyer park, with Canadian geese on the lake. I’m not actually sure those coots are old, I just know I am. I’m also not sure we should still call the geese Canadian, they may be expats- some of the geese have figured out they don’t have to do the Canada to Mexico thing and just hang out locally year round:

This was a nice way to start the day.

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