Coyote Valley Open Space

This is another local favorite of mine. It’s just under 6 miles away so I usually do a “bike/hike”, riding to the start, hiking the Arrowhead trail, a bit over 4 mile loop with great scenery and nice climbing. Today I had a little less time so I just rode my hybrid there and rode the leg up to the first scenic overloook and back.

There is pretty rural scenery on Santa Teresa Boulevard on the way there and back:

This is a nice back way from Morgan Hill to San Jose with wide smooth bike lanes, a local favorite. It was used last year as part of the loop for the time trial stage of the Tour of California.

This trail can be dry and dusty in summer but it’s beautiful now after the rain we’ve gotten. The oak trees are all nice and green.

The views out towards Coyote Valley from the first scenic overlook:

The trail then meanders to the other side. This is a little valley on the other side of the ridge I was just on. At the bottom is the trail I just worked my way up.

Looking north, the Santa Cruz mountains are barely visible in the distance to the left over the ridge of foothills. They’d be clearer but there was some morning fog not quite burned off.

Today was my hard leg day, so on the way to the open space after a warmup I did 8×30 sec standing sprints. I did some high gear standing climbs on the trail for leg strength. Then on the way back I did strength-endurance, higher gear 4x 3 minutes. Then a cooldown. I had to get ready for a conference call so omitted my walking lunges, I’ll get those next time.

I sure am enjoying the spring!

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