Don’t Let Your Limitations Stop You

I saw this old doggie out on my walk today. I’ve seen sheps with hip dysplasia with these wheels so I asked the owner if that’s what it was. He said no, this fella had both rear knees operated on and had to get spinal fusion in several disks. He gets around ok inside the house but needs the wheels outside for longer walks. He could barely push off with his left rear paw. But I had trouble catching up to him to take the picture! And he looked happy to be out walking.

Another inspirational reminder to get moving 🙂

10 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Limitations Stop You

  1. This is great. Every sentient creature, good or bad, wants to live and keep living, even if they are crippled or partially disabled. This dog still can do basic phsyicality but needs a wheelchair to take long walks. His life is not lacking in any way, and his owners should be comended for not putting him down. Life is good.


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