Saturday Ramble, Including Guadalupe River Trail

I did about a 40 mile ramble today, starting with riding down Santa Teresa Boulevard to South San Jose. There I continued on through the Santa Teresa neighborhood, which is nice where it backs up against the foothills:

Eventually this leads to Almaden Lake park, which is the southern end of the Guadalupe river trail. Here is the view of Mt Umunhum (off to the right) across Almaden Lake:

You can take Guadalupe river trail for close to 20 miles to where the Guadalupe flows into San Francisco Bay. There you can continue on along the shoreline on the Alviso Slough trail. It is not all continuous, there are missing sections where you still have to ride on streets, but the hope is to make it all continuous eventually. I didn’t go that far, I turned around at the first interruption, still in South San Jose.

On the way back I passed by the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice ranch, part of Santa Teresa park, which has historic farm buildings.

Tons of cars are parked on the street here on a weekend morning, both to visit the ranch, and because this leads to trailheads in Santa Teresa park.

A pleasant morning outing, it was nice and cool when I started but heating up (time to peel off some layers) by the time I got back.

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