Local Dirt

This is a report of a ride about a week and a half before my shoulder surgery.

I went for a shorter ride today on my hybrid with more off-road thrown in. I like to ride in the dirt all though I have limited mountain bike skills and am on stern Doctors orders not to fall. This is a nice path next to Santa Clara Valley water district’s canal. This one runs for several miles the length of Morgan Hill on the east side. US 101 is close by on the left. We haven’t taken as much advantageous of these paths in this area as much as we should. In Phoenix the canal paths are like a pedestrian/bicycle highway system all over the place.

Now I’ve entered the park next to Coyote Creek trail. They don’t allow horseback riding on the paved trail but have lots of unpaved alternate trails for horses. They’re great for bike riding too:

This one gets narrow and rural for about a mile:

I did an out and back and got a nice view of the local east side foothills on the way back:

A different trail with an abandoned farm building in the distance:

This grassy path leads to some nice single track along the creek beyond that row of trees. The single track trail is beyond my current riding abilities so I walked it:

Later in the same ride I continued over to Morgan Hill community park. It has a nice dirt trail circumnavigating it which I like to ride. Our doggie parks is to the left (for the little ones) and straight ahead for the bigger ones. I love to watch them playing.:

I’m more of a bike-hiker than a mountain biker. But even with low technical skills, going off road lets you get to nice places in nature, or to the start of hiking trails without using a car. Sometimes I’ll ride the trails, sometimes push my bike along them, sometimes lock my bike and hike. About a 90 minute outing today, nice ride.

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