I’ll Soon Be Getting Bionic Eye Lenses

I guess I didn’t have enough bionic body parts with artificial hips and heart valve, and screws attaching my rotator cuff. I just found out I need cataract surgery, so now the natural lenses in my corneas will be replaced by artificial ones. An optometrist had noticed what he thought was the beginning of a cataract in my right eye about 3 years ago. It must have progressed since then, as well as one forming in my left eye: in a recent visit to an ophthalmologist I found out I have fairly advanced cataracts in both eyes now. I knew my right eye was getting cloudier so I’m not too surprised. I’m getting my pre-op measurements done tomorrow, and I think we’ll be doing the right eye in January, and the left after the right one heals.

Cataract surgery is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. The natural lens is removed through a small incision, then a replacement “intra-ocular lens” (IOL) is deployed.

I was given the choice of the replacement lens correcting distance, with glasses needed for reading, or a “multi-focal” lens that does both. The latter lens type has concentric rings, with different focus lengths. Your brain has to get used to that and figure out how to focus in different situations. That sounds too odd to me. I know my brain had trouble getting used to progressive bifocal glasses when I tried them. So I’m going to keep it simple and go with correcting for distance.

I’m glad the surgery is a lot less invasive now than it was about 30 years ago for my Mom. She die just fine, but the recovery was a bit longer.

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