Fun Ride on a Gravel ‘Bent

My recumbent has pretty fat tires (45 mm/1.75″ in the rear, 38 mm/1.5″ in the front) and does surprisingly well on poor pavement or off-road. I certainly wouldn’t use it for a mountain bike, but it is equivalent to an upright “gravel bike”. I tried it out on some gravel and flat off-road as well as poor pavement today and it did fine.

Today’s schedule called for easy day for the legs, hard day for the upper body, so I first did a warmup, then weights and resistance bands for the upper body, then went for my ride.

Before this ride, I improved my electric assist a bit by mounting it lower, which lowers the center of gravity of the bike for better handling. The only place to put it besides a rear rack is under the main frame tube, but the seat clamp gets in the way. So I made a little bridge to clear the clamp, and the battery attaches to that. Some velcro straps serve as a backup in case the battery worked its way loose.
Here is the finished product. I no longer need the rear rack because I now have room for my seat bag again, so I’ll put the rack on another bike.
I also added a camera mount on the bars so I can take pictures while riding without my knees in the way
Riding on the dirt shoulder at Guillelmo vineyards
Approaching the Winery
Rural scenery further out E. Main towards the east foothills
Barnard Road. This is a challenging climb with nice views from the top
Heading Out Hale towards Willow Springs Road. All our hills are green now, I love this time of year.

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