Strength Training Boosts Endurance Performance

There is a well known rule of thumb that an interference effect exists between strength and endurance training: If you are trying to get bigger muscles by strength training, adding endurance training into the mix will slow the process down. If you are trying to improve your endurance performance, throwing strength training can interfere with … Continue reading Strength Training Boosts Endurance Performance

Techniques For Self-Transformation: Inspirational Reading

In a previous post I discussed the idea of a transformational path where you train your mind to help bring out the best version of yourself. Meditation is one of the main techniques for this, but there are what Eknath Easwaran refers to as "allied disciplines" that can support your efforts. I'll cover some of … Continue reading Techniques For Self-Transformation: Inspirational Reading

Interesting Confirmation of the Placebo Effect

I heard about this a letter from nutritionist Jeff Rothschild's mailing list. His website is here. There is a lotion containing sodium bicarbonate that is applied to the legs. It is supposed to get bicarb into your bloodstream and boost your performance and aid recovery from endurance activity. There's solid science behind this: bicarb buffers … Continue reading Interesting Confirmation of the Placebo Effect