I Joined The Silver Stallion Century Challenge

From People for Bikes: “SRAM generously offered to match our $5,000 donation to Silver Stallion Bicycle & Coffee Works if we can get 200 riders to ride 100 miles by the end of the month. That’s 100 miles total, not all at once. Silver Stallion is a small nonprofit bicycle recyclery based in Gallup, NM, serving Dinétah (the Navajo Nation) and the surrounding communities with a mission to empower and develop youth and young adult vocational skills in the bicycle repair and specialty coffee industries”. So I have to ride 100 miles by 11/30. I rode the first 42 mils on Thursday and Friday and will polish the rest today. It’s nice to have my exercise contribute to a worthy cause like this.

Cottonwood Lake in Hellyer Park on Thursday
Thursday, Out and Back to Hellyer Park on Coyote Creek Trail On Recumbent. Electric assist level 1 mostly. I was into a bad headwind and afraid I’d be later for an appointment on the way back, so I bumped up the assist. I was shooting for an average heart rate of 120, with higher during intervals on the way back, so I hit that target fairly well.

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