Coyote Flood Detour

My group did our normal “Taco Tuesday” ride, which involves taking the Coyote Creek Path out beyond where it is still flooded out from the recent rains. We worked around the bad spot by going over to Monterey highway on the way out, then took Malech road in the east foothills on the way back, ending up at Coyote creek golf course for lunch. It was pretty cold when we started out but warmed up enough that we were able to enjoy the patio at the golf course restaurant. I took the long way to the start of the ride so this totaled a bit over three hours of pleasant riding for me.

On the way out, we saw the water gushing out of the bottom of Anderson dam into Coyote Creek, two weeks after the severe rain ended. The reservoir behind the dam is still about 50% full and it is being drained as fast as possible because it’s not supposed to have any water in it until the upcoming seismic retrofit is complete. It will be a while before this all drains enough so the trail is no longer flooded
The Patio at the Golf Course

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