Rosendin Point- The Back Way

I rode up E Dunne Ave to check out the status of Lake Anderson and Anderson Lake County Park. Dropping down the other side of the hill on Dunne, I could see the reservoir has indeed been drained in preparation for the seismic retrofit:

One good then I did read is that the water district did a “Coyote creek fish rescue” prior to the draining, to relocate species such as steelhead that are threatened by the project:

I then rode back up Dunne and entered Holiday lake estates, to see if the county park is open at the end of Holiday lake drive. Along the way I got another shot of the once mighty 1271 acre lake, largest in the county, capacity 91,300 acre feet (112,600,000 m3):

Here is a good aerial view of what it looked like full. It continued quite a long way to the right also:

At the end of Holiday lake drive I was pleased to see the park is open:

This white and blue sign at the entrance explains about the seismic project:

The only problem with keeping the part open is preventing access to the dam. The county did a good job of blocking this as low as possible on the only trail that goes to the dam, while leaving miles of other trails still usable:

Just before the blocked trail I got this view of the dam. The little bit of water behind it at its base is all that’s left of the reservoir:

A new tunnel will be built in an early phase of the project that will allow draining the remaining water, and will serve for emergency drainage of the reservoir in the future.

This was a great outing, and I was pleased so much of this park that I like rambling in is still open, including my favorite vantage, Rosendin point, which I rode to after taking the above picture. I just have to ride a little further to get to the “back door”. And I’ll have a perfect bird’s eye view from the back side of the dam to watch them taking it down.

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