Back To Longer Riding

My sciatica flare-up is still bothering me when I stand or walk too much, but it is ok when I sit or ride a bike. So Yesterday I tried a longer (2 hour) ride and it went fine. This is good for me for relaxation and enjoyment. The sciatica symptoms (pain down my right leg all the way to the foot) remained afterward but didn’t get any worse. I’m doing all the PT exercises I remember from the last time I had sciatica due to piriformis syndrome. On the chance that this could be back-related sciatica instead of piriformis syndrome, I’ve also added exercises for that. So far there is no improvement but it took over two weeks to get better last time; I guess some patience is in order. But I’m glad I can at least ride my bike a decent amount in the interim.

Fun sighting in rural San Martin on my ride. These people made their propane storage tank look like a locomotive
Some Critters on a mini-ranch, also in San Martin. This alpaca was adorable. He or she was very inquisitive and excited to see me, making cute little noises.

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