Connection Between Overtraining Symptom and Undereating I've discussed the concept of overtraining and "how much exercise is too much?" previously. Another harmful phenomenon among exercisers is undereating, now called "relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)", which I discussed here. It used to be called the female athlete triad, because it appeared to be more common in female athletes, but is … Continue reading Connection Between Overtraining Symptom and Undereating

An Inspiring Paddling Book

I just read Alistair Wilson's autobiographical account of his life as a paddler. He has done sea kayaking, competitive flat water kayaking, and some exciting expeditions, including running the Colorado River and its rapids through the Grand Canyon in an open two-person canoe. He was also the founder of Lendal paddles, which he ran … Continue reading An Inspiring Paddling Book