John o Groats to Lands End

Lorna’s postrun description of her recent Jogle adventure. A great read 🙂

Lorna Runs

After two long days of running on tarmac, I was relieved to see the start of a trail path I would take. The B7078 snakes its way down through southern Scotland criss crossing the M74 every now and again. I stepped onto the stony trail and smiled to myself. There is nothing like that feeling of being all alone on a trail, jogging along at your own pace, enjoying nature. After 33km that day, I had another 7km to run on this path, then 7km on the road until my campsite. Life was good.

The path was wide and comfortable to run on. To my right was a forrest of densely packed trees and to my left small mounds of grass, with occasional clearings you could pitch a tent on if you needed to.

Peaceful trail path in southern Scotland

I came to a section of the path that had…

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Lorna Finishes Her Jogle Plus 3 Peaks Challenge

I've reported previously on fellow blogger Lorna Cullen and her run the length of Great Britain (John O'Groats to Land's End, with the additional 3 peaks challenge). She finished a couple of days ago, as reported here. This took her 48 days, at an average of about 38 km per day. An awesome adventure. Congratulations, … Continue reading Lorna Finishes Her Jogle Plus 3 Peaks Challenge

Exercise can modify fat tissue in ways that improve health—even without weight loss – UM

This is good news. I knew exercise improved metabolism through its effect on muscles, but now I know it improves metabolic health by altering fat cells as well, even if you don’t lose weight

Health Secrets of a SuperAger

Exercise is one of the first strategies used to treat obesity-related health problems like Type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular disease, but scientists don’t understand exactly how it works to improve metabolic health.

To that end, University of Michigan researchers examined the effects of three months of exercise on people with obesity, and found that exercise can favorably modify abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue, the fat tissue just beneath the skin, in ways that can improve metabolic health—even without weight loss.

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Surprisingly, moderate and high-intensity exercise yielded the same positive changes in fat tissue composition and structure, and fat cells shrank a bit even without weight loss, said principal investigator Jeffrey Horowitz, U-M professor of kinesiology.

The findings appear in The Journal of Physiology. Co-first authors are U-M doctoral student Cheehoon Ahn and Ben Ryan, U-M postdoctoral research fellow now at the U.S. Army Research…

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Lorna Has Completed Three-Peaks Challenge; Home Stretch to Land’s End Fellow blogger, triathlete, and ultrarunner Lorna Cullen has finished the 3 peaks part of her Jogle run, with 1537.68 km run so far and 317.44 km to go. She is averaging 38 km a day, or just under a marathon, and has been for over 40 days. I ran 3 marathons back in my running days, … Continue reading Lorna Has Completed Three-Peaks Challenge; Home Stretch to Land’s End