Beating the Heat on a Group Ride

It got pretty warm in the afternoon here yesterday, so it was good that we finished our group ride not too much after noon when it was still in the 70s. After lunch, I still had a 3-mile ride to get home and it was getting hot. This was an outing to the southwest from Morgan Hill in the hills, then along a pleasant recreational path in Gilroy. On the way home, on Santa Teresa Boulevard, we had a stout headwind. I was riding my recumbent which has a bit of an aero advantage, so I was able to give some of the others a draft on the way home. The wind made for more work but did keep us cooler.

CordeValle Resort and Golf Course
Rest Stop at the Kirigin Winery at the top of Day Road
Uvas Creek Preserve Next to the Gilroy Path

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