Testing My Rain Gear

We got our first really good rainstorm of the season a couple of days ago, totaling almost two inches in Morgan Hill, which was more than welcome with our ongoing drought conditions. It was still raining solidly in the morning when I went for my ride. So I took my Vado which has fenders and put on some good rain gear. This did its job well for more than two hours after which the rain finally slacked off. The ride was quite enjoyable. As the saying goes (which I’m sure originated somewhere with more challenging weather than California) “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. It especially helped that I had on a long-billed cap and a neck gaiter that minimized getting pelted in the face with drops.

3 thoughts on “Testing My Rain Gear

    1. I’ve always found “waterproof” to be optimistic. It’s more like water resistant, and the resistance is overcome if it rains too hard or too long.
      Rainbows afterwards are nice, though 🙂


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