Easy Day Standing Cruise

Today was a relatively short easy day, I stayed local in town and did mostly standing pedaling on my Sirrus upright (which has no e-assist). I had a pleasant ride of about 90 minutes. which included crossing over US 101 on Main street and using the bike path next to the Santa Clara Valley Water District canal. This runs for several miles, pretty much the whole length of town north to south. Unfortunately, the budget did not include enough funds to put tunnels under the streets that have overpasses at 101, so it doesn’t work that well for transportation because at each street you have to work your way out to a traffic light and cross over there before picking up the path again on the other side. Maybe we’ll have more funding in the future…

In the meantime, this stretch between Main and Cochrane works well for me because it is a safe back way to a shopping center at which I sometimes do errands.

Bike Path next to the Santa Clara Valley Water District canal. There is a choice of hardpacked dirt/gravel or paved.
The path goes out to the street because there is no tunnel under the Main Street overpass at US 101.

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