The Hills Have Turned “Golden”

Our hills have gone from green over to brown, although we call it “golden” in California. They’ll stay this way for several months now until late autumn when the rains return. I remember a few decades ago someone visiting from Minnesota said “how come you call them ‘golden’? Our hills look just like these in the summer and we call them brown”. Whether you call them brown or golden, I prefer green but that’s ok, this is our normal transition towards summer. And it’s just the grass that goes dormant, many trees and shrubs stay green.

El Toro itself has lots of forest and shrubs so it’s still green. But its lower slopes have turned
There are still some spots of green on the West side of town, this is on the way up Willow springs road.
Looking in the other direction, the hills on the East side of the valley have all turned
Riding in the little valley of Coyote Creek Open space preserve
The open space authority is trying to acquire more land for habitat preservation. It’s nice to see signs like these.

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