Long Ride After The Rain

We had a pretty severe storm ending Tuesday morning that brought much-needed rain. We got almost 3 inches here in Morgan Hill. My group ride got canceled because the weather report was pessimistic so I risked it on my own. It turned out there were just some late morning showers, then it got nice and the sun finally came out. I’m still not cleared to do high intensity until I see my eye Doc Thursday, but I can do a long and easy ride. Unfortunately, my digital camera battery died so I didn’t get enough pictures to do the beautiful scenery justice but I did get a few.

Early on at Chictatic-Adams park, it was still cloudy. View of the Gavilans in the distance
Later from the bike trail ending at the Gilroy Sports Complex. Some blue peaking through.
Looking North back at Chictatic-Adams park on my way back
71 Miles in 5 hours, my longest ride in a while. I kept my average heart rate under 120 which is easy pace for me. I’m getting pretty good at doing that just from perceived exertion.

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