Long Outing on a Nice Fall Day

I went with my local group yesterday. It was supposed to be about a 30 mile outing but with had to go with plan B because a powerline was down, blocking one of the roads, and the alternate route was longer. This added about 15 miles. I did not mind as it was a beautiful day for it. We ended up going out and back on Croy road, west of Morgan Hill, where I used to live. The road ends at Uvas Canyon county park. Then it was back downtown for lunch. I did not have any food with me so I thought I’d run out of energy with the extra distance, as I have not been having breakfast lately. I’m still in the middle of my time-restricted eating experiment. But I did fine. I guess this was a good test of “fat adaptation”. I surely did enjoy lunch afterwards though!

First stop, at Chesbro reservoir. It’s really low, we are hoping for rain soon!
Fall color is just starting in Paradise Valley
Turning from Watsonville road onto Uvas road, looking north towards the Uvas valley.
The driveway to our previous next-door neighbors’ house. This is the site of the former Montoya ranch, now owned by their Great-grandson.
Riding past Sveadal, the Swedish-American community further up the road
Regrouping at Uvas Canyon Park

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