Visiting the Organic Lawn Mowers

I Went for my usual ride on the Coyote creek trail and the “Organic Lawn Mowers” were out. The county hires this gentlemen to bring his herd of goats out to keep the grass down. They do a good job and also provide fertilizer, which helps with repeat business 🙂

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Organic Lawn Mowers

  1. Hey Mr. Bionic…Yes, in Seattle, behind our condo there is a very steep hill overgrown with wild berry bushes.and (only sane decision by City Council)..goats are brought to chew it up in a few days. The only baffled party is our St. Bernard, Mocha, she thinks they are all funny looking dogs..Cheers. Dee .

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    1. This herd has a dog with it for protection (there are coyotes around, for one). I think it’s a Great Pyrennees. He is very conscientious about keeping bicyclists away from the herd! He runs along the fence as I’m passing barking until he’s escorted me past the herd.


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