The “Old Goats” Are Back!

I mentioned previously that I ride with a group called “South County Old Goats” that’s part of Almaden Cycle Touring Club. But that has been on hiatus during Covid. We started back up again a few weeks ago and it’s great to be out with friends again. I’ve ridden with some of them for more than 20 years. Today we did about 55 km, mostly flat. I very scenic ride that includes part of Coyote Creek Trail and lunch at the restaurant at Coyote Creek Coyote Golf Course. Today was hot, a high of 88 F (31 C). Fortunately, that didn’t happen till later in the day, it was below 80 for the ride.

Regrouping near the visitor center at the southern end of the trail. The flag is at half-mast, unfortunately, due to a recent mass shooting in San Jose at a rail transit yard
The View From the Golf Course’s Patio With Loma Prieta in the Background

This was about a 2 1/2 hour ride with a nice break for lunch. Great day with friends!

From home to the golf course
From the Golf Course home after lunch. Pretty bad headwind, I was glad it wasn’t far

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