Hard Training Day For Legs

Yesterday was hard day training for my legs. With my current schedule (which I’ll describe soon in a post), that consists of:

  • Long warmup. at least 15 minutes. I usually do this with easy spinning on my stationery bike
  • Hip physical therapy exercises (continuing rehab of my right piriformis injury, but I do these on both sides to stay balanced); all are with bands for resistance: clamshell, reverse clamshell hip flexion with bands, hip extension, hip abduction, hip adduction.
  • isometric calf raises (push up on door frame for resistance).
  • isometric partial dead-lift.
  • On-bike strength on bike (outdoors, standing in highest gear uphill, yank up on handlebars): 2 sets 12 reps.
  • 4×3 min standing intervals.
  • 8×1 min standing intervals.
  • 8×3 30 sec standing sprints.
  • standing cooldown followed by longer seated cooldown.

Here’s what my heart rate looked like doing these with my new Polar chest strap:

Mar HR 146, average HR 109

This is a tough workout but I make sure my high intensity work, both on leg and upper body days, is not more than 20% of my total training. This is “polarized training“, and is a good way to avoid overdoing it. Another more qualitative way is advice from legendary track coach Bill Bowerman: After a hard workout, you should feel “exhilarated, not exhausted”, which worked out for me yesterday.

I also moderate my training based on heart-rate variability feedback, a sign of how recovered you are the next day. Today was scheduled to be hard day for the upper body. My HRV advice was yellow (go a little easier) this morning. So I’ll still go hard on my strength exercises but maybe shorten my intervals a little.

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