Making Physical Activity Fun

Does this  doggie think exercise is a chore?

Many of us feel exercise is like a pill to take to stay healthy, like cramming going to the gym and grinding out half an hour on the treadmill into an already busy schedule. But others are lucky enough to find activities they actually enjoy and look forward too. That has been the case for me much of my life. For a short time, after I was diagnosed with hip arthritis and had to give up running and hadn’t yet found a fun replacement, I found out what the “taking a pill” version of exercise felt like. I vastly prefer making it fun.

I will be presenting overall suggestions on making physical activity fun here, as well as specific tips on some of my favorites like walking, hiking, biking, paddling, and Heavyhands

Stay tuned. Also please feel free to contact me about how you make exercise fun or what your favorite is (ahem, please keep it clean folks). I’d love to add your version under “other stories”.

14 thoughts on “Making Physical Activity Fun

  1. Absolutely love this and your story, finding ways to exercise that you can enjoy is so essential. The way to start being motivated at work is to find exercises you enjoy and keep on at them for a while and then branch out to similar exercises Finding ways to win with your body to be the best version of yourself can be so rewarding, find out how to do so

    Here is to finding a way to win,
    Kirsten Leighton

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  2. I used to enjoy my time at the gym in Californa. Yet it was so limiting. Now I walk the hills in my village with the knowledge that on the days I take the ones behind my house, I am rewarded with a view of the Mediterranean waiting on the other side… Of course, every direction has delights…
    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

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