What Caused the Obesity Epidemic?

The bottom line: to maintain a healthy weight, don’t eat junk! Dr. Hall is a well-known nutrition researcher. His study in Cell Metabolism (see the link in the post) clearly demonstrates that without counting calories we tend to eat 500 calories a day less if we avoid overly processed foods.
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What caused the obesity epidemic? What are the consequences? 

HOUSTON – When it comes to the childhood obesity epidemic, the prevailing narrative is that overweight children — and their parents — lack the collective will power to put down the potato chips, pick up a jump rope and work at losing weight.

“… doctors specializing in obesity and weight loss say certain scientific and societal factors — including genetics, the rise of processed foods that include soybean oil and national overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages — are more likely to blame for childhood obesity than lazy kids or indulgent parents.

“Obesity is a disorder which, like venereal disease, is blamed upon the patient,” says obesity researcher Dr. George Bray, the opening lecturer at the first annual U.S. News Combating Childhood Obesity summit, held at Texas Children’s Hospital.

It’s the blame issue that stands in the way of progress in…

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Lachlan Morton’s Amazing “Alt Tour”

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Demystifying Awakening

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RIP, Queen Elizabeth

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