Interesting Site for Athletic Clothing and Accessories

I get a lot of marketing inquiries from websites about their products or services. I ignore them unless I think they offer something relevant to my target readers: information or inspiration about healthy aging. But I thought athletic clothing and accessories would be relevant to my readers so I took a look at They … Continue reading Interesting Site for Athletic Clothing and Accessories

Vision Zero For Active Transportation

Many cities recognize the need for drastically reducing the number of fatalities caused by motor vehicles, either in collisions with other vehicles, or with "vulnerable road users" such as pedestrians and bicyclists. "Vision Zero" is the term for this, originating in Sweden in the 1990s and gaining momentum in Europe and now the US. In … Continue reading Vision Zero For Active Transportation

Health and Wellness Advice From

I recently discovered, which is mostly a site with resources about "Moving, improving and everything in between". But they also have articles about health and wellness. One I enjoyed reading recently is "The Perfect Yoga Room: Create Healthy Change, Build Your Body, and Relax Your Mind". This gives useful tips on how to create … Continue reading Health and Wellness Advice From