Group Ride in the Hills East of Gilroy

After a hiatus of a few weeks due to rain and my trip to Phoenix, I got to ride with my Tuesday group. We started down in Gilroy so I took my e-assist bike to meet them there. We headed across the valley to the hills on the east side then did some climbing on some beautiful and lightly-trafficked country roads. It ended up being a 4 1/2 hour, 57-mile ride for me, including the extra mileage to and from Gilroy. I was tired afterward, but I recovered nicely overnight.

Poppies in bloom across the street from my house
Regrouping on Leavesley Ave
Mendoza Ranch entrance to Harvey Bear Park
A ranch across the street from Harvey Bear
Old truss bridge on Gilroy Hot Springs Road. The hot springs, a famous resort in the area in its heyday, were bought by Henry Coe state park but have yet to be refurbished. so the road temporarily ends here.
Ranch at the corner of Canada and Jamison Roads
Canada Road, the last leg in the hills, heading west

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