Advice From Tufts University- Top 10 Swaps for Good Health

This simple advice from Tufts is a good start for the New Year. The article has some more detail, but here is a summary:

2 thoughts on “Advice From Tufts University- Top 10 Swaps for Good Health

  1. This list works! I’ve made the effort to do each one of these things over the past year and it has resulted in not only an 80 lb weight loss but all my health markers are better than ever! My doctor says whatever you’re doing, keep doing! I do plead guilty to the occasional cheat day (and lazy day) and it is reflected in my morning weigh-in but I get back to my regimen immediately and the weight comes right off. It’s much easier to catch it when it’s only a few pounds as opposed to letting it get out of hand.

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  2. I would modify that list just a bit. First, the Dietary Guidelines suggest making half your grains whole grains so if you want flavorful jasmine or basmati rice, it’s OK. And, for older adults, going totally plant-based is a choice and dairy offers a wealth of protein without excess calories of having to get all of your protein from plants.

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