Beating the Heat on My Club Ride

It got to 99 F (37 C) in Morgan Hill yesterday, but thankfully not until the afternoon. I went on a shorter warmup ride on my own then joined my club ride at 10:00 AM. We went on a beautiful ride Southwest of Morgan hill up in the foothills, to Chictactic-Adams Park, then along Burchell road to pick up the Gilroy bike path at highway 152, then back on Santa Teresa Boulevard to lunch. I especially enjoyed Burchell which was a shady treat on a hot day. It was still cool enough at the finish. I didn’t notice the heat too much until after lunch, when I still had to ride 3 miles to get home. It was nice to have electric assist for that last bit, to generate a breeze.

Short gravel section leading to the start of the Gilroy bike path from highway 152 with the Gavilan mountains in the distance

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