Beating the Heat on my Ride

I got going about 8:00 this morning so I could beat the heat. It was still about 90 F when I finished up my three-hour ride, which is not too bad on a bike because you are generating a breeze. Like yesterday I ended up heading back towards the north against the wind, but that was fine because it helped keep me cool. Also today I had my e-bike to help fight it.

There are two pretty vineyards across the street from each other at the corner of Buena Vista Ave and New Ave, east of Gilroy. This is the first, Verde vineyards, and as the Spanish name says there is a lot of green around. Morgan Hill’s El Toro, which dominates my view at home, looks like a little pimple this far away (peeking over the top to the tank in the middle)
And across the street is Satori cellars. Satori is a Japanese Zen term for enlightenment.

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